What To Expect

Parent Involvement:

We understand that your child comes to us with unique experiences, interests and learning styles. Our goal is to truly know your child well and use this knowledge to guide, support and motivate him or her. We believe that good teaching requires continual professional development, personal reflection and collaboration. We value parent involvement at every level and encourage you to partner with us to give your child the most powerful and joyous learning experience possible.


We have high expectations for the children in our Center.  We expect the children to achieve cognitively to their fullest potential.  We expect children to contribute in a positive manner to their classroom.  The following is a list of our expectations of children and their parents:

  1. Show respect for others.
  2. Show respect for self.


We want to make sure you are informed of upcoming events and what your child is learning in daycare.  A monthly newsletter will be placed in your child’s envelope at the beginning of each month.  It will contain schedules and information pertinent to the daycare and community.  It will also contain the menu for the coming month.


Education is a partnership between home and daycare. We value parent involvement at every level and encourage you to partner with us. In order for this partnership to be effective, we need to be able to communicate

Please feel free to call, write a note, or e-mail us if you have concerns or questions about your child’s experiences at daycare. We are always available to schedule a conference to discuss any issue or concern you have regarding your child. We also schedule 4 Parent Conferences each year.

You will be provided a “My Day” or “Cuddle Gram” about your child each day. Look for it in your child’s cubby.

If you speak a different language, you may request a translator. You may also send a note in your native language. We will have it translated and respond as soon as possible.